2014-2015 Year in Review

Advocacy Initiatives

Closing the Gap on Health Care

  • Hosted press conference with six organizations (March 30, 2015)
  • Supported March 11th Day of Action with calls and letters to State Legislature
  • Sent five members to lobby at State Legislative Day in Tallahassee
  • Delivered two educational seminars to 100 people
  • Sent 70 post cards/letters to State Legislature; spoke to 28 businesses

St. Petersburg Universal Curbside Recycling (UCR)

  • 2012, Quarters 2-3: League commissions UCR Committee study and forms People’s Trash coalition
  • 2014, Quarter 1:  Newly elected St. Petersburg City Council passes UCR
  • 2014, Quarter 3: City decides on single-stream, insource curbside collection
  • 2014, Quarter 2: Coalition offers Seattle as UCR model; resistance softens
  • 2014, November: Funding approved for trucks, bins and marketing; metrics established
  • 2015, Quarter 1: City budgets staff position, develops marketing materials
  • 2015, Quarter 1: League coalition sponsors three tours of Pinellas County Waste-to-Energy Facility as part of UCR Educational Corps initiative.
  • 2015, Quarter 2: Delivery of bins begin in May 2015; citywide collection begins in July

Social Justice

  • Collected over 600 petitions for Felon Rights Restoration
  • Participated in Eckerd College Presidential Series event featuring Piper Kerwin
  • Worked with community groups on death penalty educational seminar
  • Testified at People’s Budget Review on living wage
  • Participates in Agenda 2020

Educational Initiatives

Voter Services

  • Spoke to 10 faith-based congregations, distributed 3000 printed State Voter Guides to congregants
  • Registered or updated 200 new voters
  • Published two online Voter Guides for Primary and General Elections
  • Distributed 10,000 printed State Voter Guides throughout South Pinellas County
  • Facilitated four nonpartisan voter candidate forums, including two municipal races and two large county races
  • Greenlight Pinellas Referendum
    • Partnered with League of Women Voters of North Pinellas County to hold forum-style seminar at Free Fall Theatre, St. Petersburg, and debate-style seminar in Dunedin
    • Published nonpartisan pro-con analysis in General Election Voter Guide

Immigration Working Group

  • Lead Karen Coale continues to serve as Co-Chair of State Committee (LWVF)
  • Refugees Across the Globe and Close to Home Panel in January attracts 95 attendees.
  • Prepared LWVF legislative proposal for implementation of drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants
  • Produced updated Speakers’ Bureau Immigration presentation which can be accessed from the LWVF website.

Clean Energy Solutions

  • Offered comments and testimony to PSC at Clean energy Solutions Hearing in July
  • Hosted educational seminar through International Relations workgroup in February

Ongoing Initiatives


  • Website enhancements, support, track and trend tools
  • Constant Contact database enhancements
  • Social media presence (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Published two Online Voter Guides (Primary and General Elections)
    • 30,000 views/month through enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Increased new and prospective member orientations to four meetings per year
  • Introduced social events at Three Sisters, St. Petersburg
  • Sent two members to national convention and five to Tallahassee
  • Karen Coale served as coach in Member Leadership Development (MLD) program to sister League


  • Received grant of $1,500 for Health Care Expansion
  • Received individual donations of $3,500
  • Received bequest of $32,000 from Estate of Babette Husick