2015-16 Program Committees and Working Groups

2015-16 Program Committees and Working Groups

Universal Curbside Recycling (UCR)

Our League initiated this local advocacy project in 2013 by leading the campaign to ensure that curbside recycling service become available to all St. Petersburg households.  In partnership with the People’s Trash coalition, LWVSPA members attended City Council meetings to help promote final council approval in early 2015 of a UCR  program. In support of  the launch of curbside recycling in July 2015,  the coalition continues advocacy efforts with the mayor, city council, and city staff to support public awareness, participation and education to ensure successful implementation.  Lead is Karen Coale.

Voter Services

This committee serves at the heart of the League’s mission and is very active. Guided by national and state League of Women Voter standards and best practices, and in partnership with the League of Women Voters of North Pinellas County (LWVNPC), this committee works to engage Pinellas County League members and voters in the political process through education and targeted voter registration. Chair is Raechel Garafolo. 

Closing the Gap in Health Care Coverage

Our local league goal has been to support passage of health care coverage expansion and accept $50B federal dollars, cover 1M more Floridians, save and create jobs. Our focus has been to get businesses involved in advocacy and to educate the public about this critical need. Our local league played an active role in promoting the Senate’s nonpartisan FHIX bill to expand coverage to 800,000 uninsured Florida workers. With the rejection of the bill on June 5, in a special session vote by the Florida House of Representatives, the league will seek other ways to support health care expansion.  Lead is Julie Kessel.  Archive for this committee

Working Groups


This working group provides local leadership in advocacy efforts for federal comprehensive immigration reform based on the League’s national immigration position and educates members and the public on immigration policy issues. In partnership with the Florida League of Women Voters (LWVF), the Immigration Committee educates and advocates for family friendly immigrant legislation and policies within Florida. We meet monthly from October to May and communicate year-round by email as immigration issues arise. Lead is Karen Coale. 

International Relations

Discussion topics are chosen from the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions series. League members from the League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area and the North Pinellas League rotate presenting the topic and facilitating the discussion. The committee meets monthly from September to May. Chair is Judy McSwine of North Pinellasouth LWV.

Social Justice

Members in attendance at the Program Planning Meeting (February 25, 2015) recommended the development of a Social Justice Working Group. The function of this group will be to monitor issues related to social equity and justice and to consider any actions it may want to take based on its assessment of issues that emerge. Email office@lwvspa.org

Standing Committees







Electronic and Social Media

Communication about our work and our mission through electronic media such as Constant Contact emails, Facebook, Twitter and our website is essential to our success. We encourage members who are proficient in the use of electronic/social media to become involved in helping us as we advance our message and our mission and explore the use of other social media. Email  

Fund Raising

Our annual dues, including local, state, and national League, are $52 for an individual membership, with $6 returning to the League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area. In order to support our robust annual Program, continue our outstanding Voter Service work and sustain this League’s future, we supplement dues income with fundraisers. We send out annual appeal letters and hold special events, such as our Awards Luncheons where we recognized the Honorable Patricia Schroeder (2014) and Gypsy Gallardo (2015).

Member Services

When you join the League, we want you to have a positive and seamless experience from the very beginning. We want to increase every member’s engagement by tapping into their interests and utilizing their talents. Along with communication through our website, Twitter, Facebook, emails, mentorship program, and social events, we promote opportunities for members to deepen their understanding of governmental policy and legislation at the local, state and national levels. Email  


This committee consists of five members — three are elected by the members at the Annual Meeting. The two remaining members are appointed by the Board from their own number. Their responsibility is to produce nominations for the officers, directors and members of the succeeding nominating committee. The report of their nominations are due to all members at least one month before the Annual Meeting — which is usually held at the end of April.