2016 Recycling in St. Petersburg

Alley pick-up service beginning in January helped improve recycling metrics.

Alley pick-up service beginning in January helped improve recycling metrics.

Co-chairs: Karen Coale and Kathy Mossing

2016 Recycling in St. Petersburg has evolved into an educational program focused on supporting the city’s implementation and expansion through its branded coalition, The Peoples Trash. This program started in 2012 when the League commissioned the Kessler Report and the subsequent League-led community advocacy campaign to bring universal curbside recycling (UCR) to St. Petersburg.  UCR is consistent with the local Issues document (aka Yearbook) that endorses environmental stewardship and recycling.

UCR passed in 2014 under a newly-elected city council and mayoral regime, and was implemented in January of 2015 coincident with a change in city staff leadership. In July of 2015, the city responded to the concerns of the citizens and initiated alley pick-up in Kenwood and parts of the old NE. The first year of the program saw substantial uptake, with participation and and tonnage per household exceeding expectations.

The goal of the League through its leadership in the coalition is to ensure that the city metrics continue to ensure accountability and to encourage expansion of the program to multiunit households, hospitality and tourism establishments, and businesses. Challenges to the program include saturation of the processing plant capacity, potentially limiting the opportunity for the program to grow.

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