Annual Program for Action

2016 Program Planning MeetingProgram planning

How the League decides on a program

The annual program for action arises from the suggestions of members. A local League’s “action” or advocacy program is determined by members at its annual meeting; state and national programs are voted on by delegates at state and national League conventions.

The League’s program consists of those governmental issues that the League has chosen for focused study and action at the national, state or local level. In the course of the program adoption discussion, members often give suggestions on scope of inquiry, timing, emphasis, and ways to handle the study and/or action phases.

The League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area program process begins with an annual program planning meeting that assesses current program components and also brings forward new advocacy or study projects for inclusion into the next year’s plan. Formal adoption of the program occurs at an annual meeting in late April.

Initiatives for Advocacy and/or Education

2016-17 Program Committees

Committees meet regularly to influence public policy through education and/or advocacy, require resources, $$, and substantial commitment.
  • Closing the Gap in Health Care, led by Julie Kessel: educate people about the issues of uninsured in Florida, focus to collect personal stories about the burden of gaps in care, prepare for action.
    Immigration, led by Karen Coale and Kay Lahdenpera: focus to surveill legislation, craft messaging, prepare for action to squash punitive bills.
  • Advocacy, led by Marty Shapiro: focus to create positive relationships with legislators, understand their interests and focus, advocate for the issues of importance to the League.
  • Voter Service, led by Raechel Garafalo: focus to educate voters through conduct of candidate forums, educational seminars on voting and the constitutional review commission, registering voters, and publishing our online voter guide.

2016-17 Working Groups

Working groups meet regularly to monitor events, collect information, engage in discussion, promote events and awareness, and consider actions for a future program.

  • Recycling in St. Pete, led by Karen Coale and Kathy Mossing: focus on metrics, expansion.
  • Gun Safety, led by Tina Spangler: focus on surveilling legislation as it arises, educating the public on gun safety, and preparing to squash bad bills in the next session.
  • International Relations, led by Judy McSwine: focus on meetings.
  • Sustainability, led by Jane Harper: focus on development, likely to align to State focus on establishing solar coops in St. Petersburg to bring down pricing, pushing for cost friendly legislation, and working with local municipalities to support solar.
  • Education, led by Jim Jackson: focus on the five challenged schools in South St. Petersburg, understanding the issues and actions being taken.
  • Social Justice, led by Julie Kessel: focus on films and panels to promote discussion around topics including money in politics, the impact of the ban on abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood on access to health care, poverty, and the death penalty.
LWVSPA President Julie Kessel presides over Annual Meeting.

LWVSPA President Julie Kessel presides over Annual Meeting.

We are also enhancing our member services. We have added a monthly cocktails and conversation, a quarterly hot topics, and enhanced website resources. Visit the events page at our website to keep up with all that we are doing.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in any of these projects so we can get you hooked up with the project leads