Becoming A Man

The Youth Guidance organization creates and implements school based programs to help youth overcome obstacles, focus on education and succeed in life.

  • The program was originated in 1969 in Chicago schools, focusing on young men in disadvantaged communities. The programs are based on weekly group sessions, individual and family counseling, and linkage to services. There is also a component for workforce development and job readiness, including job placement, high school support and college prep.
  • In 2017, the program was implemented in Boston.
  • There is also a program for young women: WOW (Working on Womanhood.)

Evaluation:  A study by the University of Chicago Urban Lab covering the period from 2013-2015 showed a 50% reduction in violent crime arrests, a 35% reduction in total arrests, and increased on-time high school graduation of 19% in areas where the program operates.

For more information: 
Youth Guidance, “Becoming A Man,”
Reducing Violence and Increasing Graduation, University of Chicago Urban Lab