Call for Congressional Hearing on VRAA

Urge your Representative to move H.R. 3899 forward by holding a hearing in the House. 

In January, a bipartisan group of Representatives put aside politics to govern. By introducing H.R. 3899, the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 (VRAA), Representatives Sensenbrenner, Conyers, Scott and Lewis came together to forge workable, common sense solutions that would modernize the elections process and protect voting rights against discrimination. But months later we are still waiting for Congress to finish what it started.

The VRAA is an important step forward for our democracy, where the right to vote is not about politics or the outcome of elections; it is about equality and justice.  We need to keep the pressure on! If we are to ensure that each and every eligible voter is treated fairly at the ballot box and has an equal right and equal access to vote, we must continue to make our voices heard.

Let’s move forward and modernize the Voting Rights Act to protect our most fundamental right: the right to vote.

from Elisabeth MacNamara, League of Women Voters President, 5/22/14

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