Call for Volunteers!

We need people to help out with marketing, promoting and publicizing our new online voter guide!

Our team is doing such a great job at building a beautiful and functional website that we want to do whatever we can to promote it! Not only is website promotion important to highlight the League, it also helps us become a resource to the local community and make the citizens of Pinellas County more informed.

With that, we need help. One person cannot execute this entire marketing plan. We need volunteers who are willing and eager to join the Promotions Team with the goal of helping promote the Voter Guide website.

The type of volunteers and their job descriptions are listed below. If you’re interested in one of these roles, send an email to Amanda Dodge and she’ll be in touch.

Blog Writers and Content Creators

Our goal is to boost organic traffic to the voter guide website through unique blog content. We are looking for volunteers who can commit to at least one (1) blog post per month. Volunteers will receive a topic, description, and resources to help their research. They will write articles that range from 500 – 1000 words. Volunteering can be done from home.

Media Release Writer

There are multiple media releases that the voter guide will need over the next six months. We are looking for a volunteer who feels comfortable writing alerts to share with local media.

If this volunteer is interested in additional media content opportunities, they can join the Promotions Team and sign up for monthly media release creation.

Social Media Content Creators

Social media is an important traffic driver for the voter guide. We need volunteers who can write Facebook and Twitter-optimized social media content related to the voter guide, pulling links and photos when necessary.

These posts will be sent to the Media/Publicity Team to share, reducing their burden to create social media content for us. You will not have to access the LWVSPA’s social media accounts and post them yourself.  

During peak times close to the election, volunteers may be asked to create several social media posts with tight deadlines.

Video Spokesperson

We are looking for a volunteer who feels comfortable in front of the camera. Our spokesperson will walk through the new website and be the voice of our video content. You will not be speaking to media, but will help us create content for our blog and social media channels.

Videographer and Editor

We need volunteers who have experience behind the camera. This volunteer will ideally have their own camera equipment or know how to operate one. Video editing experience is also important. Our goal is to create video content related to the voter guide website and the issues to make it easier for people to learn about the issues they are voting for. These projects will kick off in July with the voter guide launch with peaks in August and October.