Contact Gov. Scott to sign OVR bill

Take Action Now!

Now is the time to contact Governor Scott to support online voter registration:

Passed by bipartisan votes in both the Senate and House, the bill for Online Voter Registration (OVR) was just placed on Gov. Rick Scott’s desk for his signature. Both he and his Secretary of State have expressed concerns…your voice is critical at this time!

OVR has the unanimous support of all 67 Supervisors of Elections and the Supervisors State Association as their number one goal this session. This is a no-brainer – OVR is more accurate, more accessible to eligible citizens, and way more cost effective.

  • Twenty-two states have already implemented online voter registration, with New Mexico just joining the group last week.
  • Under the law, Florida would have until October 2017 for OVR to be implemented.
  • In Arizona, the price of processing a registration went from 83 cents to 3 cents. This saves money every election cycle!


Support voting rights as a concerned citizen of Florida, and urge Governor Scott to say YES to online voter registration!

It is good for democracy, and good for Florida..

Contacts for Governor Scott:

Thank you!
Deirdre Macnab
(407) 415-4559

League of Women Voters of Florida | 540 Beverly Court | Tallahassee | FL | 32301-4559