Constitution Review Commission (CRC)

What is the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC)?

Once every twenty years, Florida’s Constitution provides for the creation of a thirty-seven member revision commission for the purpose of reviewing Florida’s Constitution and proposing changes for voter consideration.  CRC Public Hearing and Your 2 Minute Speech- Speak Out! 

What can I do?  I missed the public hearing in St. Pete.

Your voice still matters!  Submit a comment to the CRC or email the Commission. Please find the full list of Commission emails at the bottom of this webpage.

3/13/18: LWVSPA President, Dr. Julie Kessel, leading Press Conference before the CRC Public Hearing.

Say YES on 1 new proposal!

We want a BAN on Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines! On March 13, Chris Smith, a member of the CRC proposed an amendment to Proposal 3.  Originally about ownership of real property and amended related to ownership of assault weapons.  Read the Full Amendment.  

SIGN the two gun safety petitions to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines below. **Get it on the ballot!  Let the voters decide.**

**Sign the petition to the CRC to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.**


**Sign the petition to the Governor and FL Legislature**

Stephanie Owens, LWVSPA member, supports amended Proposal 3 to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Say NO on the Terrible 10- “Worst of the Worst” Proposed Amendments

If the ballot summaries of the proposals making our list of the “Terrible 10” were to give an accurate description of the proposed changes – here’s what Floridians would be asked to do (see links for talking points):

Proposal 4 – Delete the No Aid provision from the Florida Constitution’s “Religious Freedom” protections and open the door.

Linsey Grove, LWVSPA member, speaks out against Proposal 22.

Proposal 22 – Eliminate all existing privacy protections, including reproductive rights, from Florida’s Constitution except for those specifically relating to informational privacy. It does this by narrowing the privacy clause so that it only applies “with respect to privacy of information and the disclosure thereof.”  Take a look at this graphic to see how Prop 22 effects your privacy.

 Proposal 29 – Require mandatory use of the error-prone E-Verify program, potentially denying thousands of authorized immigrant and even citizen workers the ability to work without any meaningful avenue to seek redress.

Proposal 43 –Mandate term limits for local school board members rather than letting voters in the school districts decide how long a member can serve their community.

Proposal 45 – Give tax dollars to private schools through school vouchers including religious schools – creating a system of publicly funded education separate from our free public schools

Proposal 71 – Take sole control of charter schools away from local school boards and allow decisions about local education needs to be made at the state level.

Proposal 72 – Tie the hands of future elected leaders and severely limit Florida’s ability to invest in public education, mental health care, affordable housing, roads and bridges, parks, beaches and workforce training programs by requiring a supermajority vote of the Legislature to raise taxes or fees.

Proposal 95 –Allow the state to preempt any local ordinances that big business can claim interferes with commerce between counties and other jurisdictions – such as living wage ordinances, protections from wage theft, local hiring preferences or local protections for the environment and natural resources.

Proposal 96 – Needlessly claiming to protect victims of crime while not providing any meaningful benefit to victims, interfering with the rights of the accused, and making it more difficult for the state to convict criminals.

Proposal 97 – Creates even higher hurdles for Florida voters to amend our constitution in the future. It would turn an absentee or failed vote in to a NO vote, thus distorting the voters intent without their consent or awareness.


All Active CRC Proposals Hearings

Review LWVSPA President, Dr. Julie Kessel’s, comments to the St. Pete City Council 2017 regarding preemption.

On March 13 the League of Women Voters of St. Pete held a Press Conference at USFSP at 11:45 am prior to the start of the Public Hearing.  The CRC Public Hearing took place from 1-7pm. 

If you live in Florida, we are asking you to call or email the members of the Commission. Together, we can be a strong voice for Floridians.

Calling is easy! It can be as simple as “Commissioner ______, I am a Florida resident and I’m calling today to express my support for the amendments to Proposal 3 to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazine. Please support the amendment so Florida residents can have their voices heard on the 2018 ballot.”

  • Jose Felix Diaz
  • Carlos Beruff (850) 717-9550
  • Lisa Carlton (941) 218-0142
  • Timothy Cerio (850) 296-2920
  • John Stemberger (850) 329-0805
  • Jose “Pepe” Armas
  • Pam Bondi (850) 414-3990
  • Hank Coxe (904) 353-0211
  • Erika Donalds (850) 270-8283
  • Anna Marie Hernandez Gamez (850) 320-8716
  • Tom Grady (850) 270-1630
  • Marva Johnson (850) 792-6574
  • Arthenia Joyner (813) 591-0625
  • Frank Kruppenbacher
  • Gary Lester (352) 775-7890
  • Patricia Levesque (850) 895-1249
  • Roberto Martinez (305) 476-7400
  • Rich Newsome (850) 792-5303
  • Darryl Rouson (727) 822-6828
  • William “Bill” Schifino, Jr. (850) 792-5825
  • Chris Smith
  • Bob Solari (772) 226-1438
  • Chris Sprowls (727) 793-2810
  • Carolyn Timmann (772) 210-4398
  • Nicole Washington (786) 309-6022
  • Emery Gainey (850) 296-0898
  • Brecht Heuchan (850) 296-7122
  • Darlene Jordan (561) 331-1701
  • Fred Karlinsky (954) 951-3548
  • Belinda Keiser (954) 609-5265
  • Jeanette Nuñez (305) 227-7630
  • Sherry Plymale (772) 210-4468
  • Pam Stewart (850) 245-0505
  • Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch

If you are sending an email, you can copy and paste these email addresses:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;