Education Group organizers set strategies

education group
Education Group organizers set strategies

Education Group organizers have set strategies for start-up in May, prior to official approval by Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting on April 9.  Working  in two-person teams, each team will take one of the five schools we are focusing on in South County.

A big thank you to those of you who came out in the rain to attend the meeting with Antonio Burt, new Turnaround Officer for Pinellas Schools, at Melrose on Tuesday, March 29. We had seven League members at the meeting and heard the general four-point plan to be utilized in the five schools in St  Pete. We will discuss at our meeting on Thursday, March 31, Mr. Burt’s talking points and questions raised at the Melrose meeting.  Several parents, two teachers, a paraprofessional and the Melrose Principal all thanked us for our attendance at the meeting.

Robin Jones and Jim Jackson had a very worthwhile visit with Harris Ambush, a member of the USFSP Education Faculty who is overseeing a four-week summer camp.  The camp will draw students from four of the five schools we are studying. Unfortunately that program only touches 60 students.

The Lastinger Institute has a new reading program that currently only includes 50 students. In addition, the District’s Summer Bridge program is open to all students from our five schools. There are many small pilot programs that are supported by churches in the area.

All five schools in our study – Melrose, Maximo, Lakewood, Campbell Park and Fairmount Park – have individual web sites where we can view supplemental programs that are offered as well as wrap-around social services.

Our group plans to invite one of the Tampa Bay Times reporters who worked on their study as well as a Pinellas District Schools spokesperson to meet with us at some point.

If you are interested in our committee, contact Chair Jim Jackson at