Education – April 2018

What is the CRC doing to our public schools?

Although gun regulations and greyhound racing dominated the testimony at the St. Petersburg Constitutional Revision Commission hearing, several proposals challenged the core of our public education system, drawing impassioned testimony.

Two, which would have removed the existing constitutional barriers to directly funding religious schools (P4 and P45), have since been removed, but others remain that would take charter school approval and oversight away from local districts by creating a state authorizer (P71), impose term-limits on school board members (P43), or loosen regulations on “high performing” school districts (P93).

Our Education Committee is monitoring these proposals. We should know which ones will appear on the November ballot by May 10. Once we know, we will begin a campaign to inform parents and taxpayers of the impact on Pinellas County schools. We will work closely with other education groups in the area. If you want to help us in this effort, please join our committee.