Education – March 2019

We have a single purpose in education in the next two months: to save our public schools. More specifically we must stop the Florida Legislature’s relentless drive to arm our teachers, to reduce public school base funding, and to dramatically increase the funding going to charter schools and tax-credit scholarships.

The 60-day session has just begun, but numerous bills have already been filed that are in direct opposition to our state-wide 2019 Legislative Priorities. They range from requiring high schools to offer Bible Study classes as an elective (HB 197) to limiting school board members to two terms (HR 197/SJR 274).

But, following the strategy of former Speaker Richard Corcoran (now Commissioner of Education), there is an omnibus “train-bill” (SB 7070) which, among other things, challenges the Constitution by creating a voucher program that would send tax revenues directly to private, mostly religious, schools.

Stay tuned for Calls to Action.