Action Teams, Administrative Groups, and Committees

The Voter Services Committee facilitates voter registrations, publication of online voter guides, observations of canvassing boards and forums for candidates and ballot issues.

The Voter Services Committee facilitates voter registrations, publication of online voter guides, observations of canvassing boards and forums for candidates and ballot issues.

Volunteering for a LWV group is a great way to become familiar with how the League operates and to learn about its involvement in local, state, and national issues.

Participation will expand your knowledge of all levels of government, and further develop your communication, leadership, and project management skills.

  • Education Action Teams manage the components of our annual program dedicated to educating the general public.
  • Advocacy Action Teams keep abreast of specific issues and advocate for positions based on League consensus.
  • Administrative and Standing Committees manage and sustain our League.

Contact Group Leads and Board Members directly via our leadership contact list or contact the LWVSPA office (727-896- 5197; to be put in touch with any of our leaders.

Education Action Teams

Voter Service

This longstanding educational committee is at the heart of the League. It’s tremendous scope of activity includes candidate forums, registering voters, publishing an online voter guide, and educating the citizenry about proposed amendments and the voting process. The committee speaks to the core of the League Mission to engage people in democracy and to do so in a nonpartisan way.

International Relations

Discussion topics are chosen from the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions series. League members from the League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area and the North Pinellas League rotate presenting the topic and facilitating the discussion. The committee meets monthly from September to May.

Social Justice

This working group focuses on bringing films to screen and organizing panel discussions to promote public awareness of topics such as poverty and the death penalty.

Advocacy Action Teams

Campaign Finance Reform

This group that works to educate elected officials and the general public on the influence big campaign donors and allies have on public policy.  Currently, the group is working to keep big money out of St. Petersburg.  In summer of 2017, members of St Petersburg City Council were presented with an opportunity to put people back in charge of our democracy. A majority of Council members voted yes on an ordinance got big money out of local politics by banning Super PAC contributions to candidates and limiting contributions from corporations with significant foreign ownership.  This resulted in elevating the voices of everyday people, expanding opportunities to run for office and encouraging participation- all possible when big money has no influence on politics. LWVSPA is now watch-dogging as Council implements this new policy.


This is an action team co-managed with our sister League, North Pinellas LWV, which examines critical public education issues at the state and local level, use findings to mount educational campaigns to increase awareness among citizens, and engage in advocacy work aligned with LWVF legislative priorities during the 2018 legislative session.

Gun Safety

The Gun Safety Group grew out of advocacy against Campus and Open Carry legislation in 2015-2016 sessions.  To date, that legislation has been defeated but new gun-related bills continue to be introduced in each legislative session. After the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shootings, the League of Women Voters – Florida, with over 120 statewide partners, formed the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.  We work together to reduce and prevent gun crimes, injuries and deaths via specific legislation. The team has mounted a gun safety education and advocacy campaign.  Visit our Gun Safety Action Guide to learn more about the impact of gun violence and how to take action to promote effective gun legislation. This team aims to educate the citizenry, monitor the introduction of any new dangerous gun-related bills, continue to build a coalition of gun safety advocates both in and out of the LWVF, and ready the group to move to advocacy and full Program status if new bills are introduced.


In 2009, Immigration was proposed as a Program for the local League, based on a LWVUS position crafted seven years ago. It moved to working group status based on a lack of state focus and advocacy objectives in order to monitor state legislative issues and increase awareness to the general membership.

In 2016, the Immigration Working Group launched a voter education campaign to lift up the issue of immigration and why it is important to understand candidates’ positions on related topics.  Please follow this link to access fact sheets and other important information on issues related to immigration.

In the last year, Immigration was identified as a second-tier State priority, but the introduction of punitive immigration bills (totally as many as 16) in the Florida legislature has prompted the working group to engage in advocacy in order to mount a defeat of those bills. The LWVSPA Immigration Action Group follows these bills closely and offers action steps for concerned citizens.  Please find our Immigration Action Guide here.

As a result of the shift in priorities, the group has developed a Program, in which the focus will include both education and advocacy. Most recently, the working group hosted a very well-attended educational panel seminar on Human Trafficking at USFSP Student Center.  This year the committee will take up a speakers bureau focus for education and legislative-based advocacy.

Reproductive Rights

This group that affirms and advocates for equal and safe access to the full range of reproductive health care – from abortion to birth control to evidence-based sex education. The group works to increase participation in the reproductive rights movement in the Tampa Bay area through visibility events, letter-to-the editor campaigns, and educational films, discussions, book studies, and forums. Forming ongoing relationships with state- and federal-level elected officials, as well as local public health officials, is a priority.


This group works to educate our members and the public on personal steps that will reduce waste and decrease our carbon footprint.  We advocate for better policies and practices at the local and state level.  We support and promote other environmental groups in St. Pete to amplify our collective efforts and increase efficacy. 

Food Politics fka Plant Power

The mission of our project is to save ourselves, our planet and our democracy one bite at a time. The project aligns with three of the Leagues positions – promoting individual healthcare affordability, supporting environmental sustainability and eliminating the corrupting influence of money in politics.  This year, our primary goals are to educate people about the impact of their food choices on the corrupting influence of money in politics, personal health and environmental impacts; to find like-minded people and organizations, to empower individuals to take personal action, and perhaps most importantly, to have fun and eat good food.

Voter Protection

This group is dedicated to ensuring all eligible voters have the opportunity and the information to exercise their right to vote.  The group aims to protect and expand voting rights by advocating for proactive reforms such as expanded early voting and online voter registration, ensuring existing pro-voter laws are being followed and challenging all efforts that limit the ability of the voter to exercise this basic right.

Administrative Committees


When you join the League, we want you to have a positive and seamless experience from the very beginning. We want to increase every member’s engagement by tapping into their interests and utilizing their talents. Along with communication through our website, Twitter, Facebook, emails, mentorship program, and social events, we promote opportunities for members to deepen their understanding of governmental policy and legislation at the local, state and national levels.  

Media and Publicity

This action group works to promote the League and its events to our members and the greater community via social media, print and email communications, and the traditional media. We encourage members who are proficient in the use of electronic/social media to become involved in helping us as we advance our message and our mission and explore the use of other social media.

Standing Committees





This committee consists of five members — three are elected by the members at the Annual Meeting. The two remaining members are appointed by the Board from their own number. Their responsibility is to produce nominations for the officers, directors and members of the succeeding nominating committee. The report of their nominations are due to all members at least one month before the Annual Meeting — which is usually held at the end of April.

Contact Group Leads and Board Members directly via our leadership contact list or contact the LWVSPA office (727-896- 5197; to be put in touch with any of our leaders.