Gun Safety Action Guide

Gun violence is a persistent and disturbing public health issue. Its impact is most keenly felt by minority communities but has touched a broad cross-section of our country. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reveal that about 40,000 people are killed by a firearm each year; about 60% of these deaths are suicides and 37% are homicides.  

LWVSPA’s Gun Safety Action Team is currently inactive but between 2017-2020 conducted evidence-based research and developed an education campaign and more than 20 fact sheets  to provide you with the facts you need to independently take action on this issue. We continue to support efforts by LWV-FL and the FL Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.  


Take Action

Become informed… learn more from the fact sheets linked above.
Contact your state legislators and U.S. congressional representatives.
a. Review tips on how to advocate and work effectively with your legislators.
b.  Contact your federal and state representatives: visit OR text 507-609-3322 and send your zip code as the message to get contact information.
c.  During session, click here to follow Florida legislative proposals; change the year to get current information.  Gun violence received little legislative attention in 2020; to see what was proposed and final action (or inaction) see our final summary at 2020 FL proposed gun legislation

Fast Facts

Watch “The State of Gun Violence in the U.S.,” a seven-minute video by Joss Fong, Vox, 21 Feb 2016.