2017 Florida Proposed Gun Legislation

… as of 5/14/2017 – END OF SESSION

To track legislation for both chambers, visit https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bills/2017

Bill Sponsor Content Comments
SB 128 Bradley Self-Defense Immunity; expands stand your ground, makes burden of proof on prosecution to show lack of defense. Co-sponsored by Brandes; holds prosecution to higher standard than HB
PASSED 3/15/17; House language adopted and PASSED 5/6/17
SB 140 Steube Comprehensive “guns everywhere” legislation Likely couldn’t get out of committee, so broken up in to multiple smaller bills; FAILED
SB 142
Farmer Safe storage of firearms Referred to committees including Gov. Oversight & Accountability; FAILED
SB 170
Braynon New prohibited places for weapons & firearms (adds performing arts centers & theaters to list of prohibited places) Referred to Judiciary, Gov. Oversight, and Rules; FAILED
SB 254
Stewart Semi-automatic assault weapon and high capacity magazine ban Referred to 4 committees incl. Criminal Justice; FAILED
SB 610 Steube Businesses that ban guns can be liable for damages in a shooting Referred to 3 committees; FAILED
SB 616 Steube Authorizing a concealed weapon carrier to temporarily surrender a weapon or firearm if the licensee approaches courthouse security Passed Judiciary; before Govt. Oversight & Acct.; temp postponed 5/2/17; FAILED
SB 622 Steube Campus carry Garcia and Flores opposed; FAILED
Steube Lifts ban on concealed carry in airports, legislative meetings, in other governmental meetings & career centers Stalled in Judiciary; Flores (R-Miami) opposed; FAILED
SB 644 Steube Open carry Stalled in Judiciary; Flores opposes; FAILED
SB 646 Steube Concealed weapon carrier does not violate certain provisions if the firearm is temporarily and openly displayed; authorizing each member of the FL Cabinet to carry a concealed weapon or firearm if he or she is licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm and does not have FT security provided by the Department of Law Enforcement, etc. temporarily postponed in Judiciary 3/28; FAILED
SB 648
Book Increases penalties for person who exhibits weapon in certain way in presence of people on or near school or school activity  referred to 3 committees; FAILED
SB 908 Dennis Baxley R-Ocala Would allow the 1.7 million concealed weapons permit-holders in Florida to carry at the state’s 15 seaports bars, police and sheriff’s stations, jails, courthouses, career locations, polling places, colleges, seaports, airports, train terminals, and professional sporting events, etc. AKA New Guns Everywhere bill. Also lowers crime for carrying. Referred to 4 committees.   FAILED
SB 912
SJR 910
Baxley Would ask voters in Nov. 2018 special election to amend state constitution to exempt law enforcement & qualified retired officers from having to wait 3 days to purchase handgun  postponed in Judiciary 3/7; FAILED
SB 956 Campbell Concealed weapons; requires Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services to issue licence if applicant has undergone mental health evaluation conducted by certain licensed professional & has been determined to be competent referred to 3 committees; FAILED
SB 968 Bracy Bans public access to video and audio recordings of someone’s death Companion to HB 661 (withdrawn); referred to 3 committees; FAILED
SB 1052 Simmons SYG bill: removes requirement that person must first be attached before using or threatening to use force PASSED


SB 1334



Rouson as co-sponsor

Private school carry


Expanded background checks

passed Judiciary, Education & Rules; FAILED

HB 1113 (Antone) is companion SMART bill; referred to 3 committees; FAILED

HB 167
Smith Semi-automatic assault weapon and high capacity magazine ban referred to 3 committees; FAILED
HB 235
Stafford Prohibited places for firearms referred to 2 committees; FAILED
HB 245 Payne Self-defense immunity, burden or proof shifts to party seeking to overcome immunity claim passed Judiciary Committee along party lines; passed by full House; accepted by Senate in reconciliation process; PASSED 5/6/17
HB 291 Hanhfeldt Exempts law enforcement officers from handgun purchase waiting period passed Judiciary Committee unanimously; goes next to floor vote; FAILED
HB 673
HJR 291
Hanhfeldt Exemptions to requirement for purchase and sale of firearms for certain law enforcement personnel Companion to SB 912 and SJR 910; passed Judiciary Committee unanimously; FAILED
HB 677 Byrd expansion of Stand Your Ground; removes requirement that a person must first be attacked in their home or vehicle before using or threatening to use force Now in Judiciary committee; companion to SB 1052; PASSED
HB 779 Combee Concealed carry provisions Companion to SB 646; passed committees, placed on Special Order Calendar 4/4; FAILED
HB 803 Hahnfield Removes restrictions on places where licensees may concealed carry Companion to SB 908; sitting on committee calendars; FAILED
HB 809
DuBose Firearm purchases, requires FDLE to include questions concerning potential firearm buyer’s criminal history or other information relating to person’s eligibility to make purchase on standard form for potential buyers; requires FDLE to notify law enforcement officials when potential sale or transfer receives no approval number; provides requirements for such notice Sitting on committee calendars; FAILED
HB 819 Byrd Businesses that ban guns can be liable for damages in a shooting Companion to SB 610; referred to committees; FAILED
HB 835



Safe storage of loaded firearms

Allow private schools at religious institutions to decide whether to allow guns on their property

referred to committees; FAILED

passed Judiciary; FAILED

HB 957
Geller Increase penalty to those exposing children to guns: exhibits a gun in a certain way in the presence of a school; or leaves a loaded gun near a minor or discharges one near a minor. SB 648, filed by Book is companion; referred to committees; FAILED


Laurie Berman of Palm Beach

Expands background checks

Expands protections to victims of domestic violence, allows police to remove guns incident of domestic violence incidents

referred to committees; FAILED


referred to committees; FAILED

HB 6001 Jake Raburn Airport Carry referred to committees; FAILED
HB 6005 Scott Plakon Campus Carry referred to committees; FAILED