Gun Violence Protection Orders

Gun Violence Protection Orders (GVRO), often referred to as “extreme risk protection orders” and “red flag laws,” empower families and law enforcement to prevent gun tragedies by temporarily eliminating access to guns to individuals who are believed to have an increased risk of endangering themselves or others. 

  • 80% of people considering suicide give some sign of their intentions and 38 out of the 62 mass shooters in the last 20 years were reported as displaying signs of dangerous mental health problems prior to the killings.
  • GVPOs are based on a long-standing infrastructure and procedure of domestic violence protection orders and involves both a court hearing and clearly defined due process protections.
  • As of July 2019, at least 17 states have some form of GVPOs or similar laws including California, Connecticut, Indiana, and Washington.  Many were enacted after the 2018 Parkland HS shooting.

In 2018, the FL Legislature enacted Risk Protection Orders which allow law enforcement to petition the court to temporarily seize ammunition and firearms, for up to one year, from a person who poses a significant danger to him/herself or others.   Under this law, family and household members cannot petition the court directly; we urge our legislators to expand state law to include those groups. Click here to see number of GVPOs issued in Pinellas County, FL between implementation in April 2018 and late July 2019.  63 of 332 issued during period were filed by the St. Petersburg Police Department. 

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