Immigration – July 2018

The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy is inhumane and most likely illegal. To remove children from their parents is cruel, and to charge asylum seekers with criminal offenses does not pass a legal test. Furthermore this scare tactic will not deter families trying to escape torture in their home countries.

Though an executive order has been issued to halt the practice, the pace at which the government is reuniting families is slow and expensive. Parents and other family members have to pay the airfare to get their child back from where they have been sent.

The League’s position on immigration strongly supports keeping families together and that due process be allotted to anyone who is in this country — regardless of their immigration status.

On June 30, over 500 attended the Families Belong Together protest in Gulfport, which was co-sponsored by the ACLU and our League. If you attended, thank you! Another 700 were at the Tampa protest, and thousands attended similar events across the country.

Via a local and then a state-wide LWVF Action Alert, we asked you to contact your U.S. Representative and both Senators from Florida, asking them to ensure a plan is in place to reunite families. Since then, a court has ruled with a tight timeline for reuniting families, but I expect we will need to be constantly vigilant. Thank you to those who did contact your federal officials, and please continue to do so. Your voice does make a difference.