New Member Orientation

A Special Orientation for New and Prospective Members

Are you interested in increasing your civic engagement and helping your community? Are you passionate about a specific issue — like gun safety or environmental sustainability? Do you want to meet other women and men who are taking action and making a difference in our area?  Check out the League of Women Voters St. Petersburg Area.

Upcoming LWVSPA Orientation

Tuesday February 16, 2021 at 6:00- 7:00 PM

New Member Orientation - League of Women Voters

Our quarterly new member orientation will teach you about our organization — including the League’s history, non-partisan policy, and dedication to voter education and advocacy. We strongly recommend attending an orientation meeting whether you are on the fence about joining the League of Women Voters or are already volunteering with us. 

New Member Orientation is designed to orient folks who are curious about the League, as well as those who’ve been members for less than a year. Our hope is that everyone will find what interests them and get involved as expediently as possible. Our new member orientation meetings are specific to the League of Women Voters St. Petersburg Area. If you have worked with LWV organizations in Florida or across the country, attending this meeting can help you understand the work we do locally. It’s also a great way to meet other people who are helping the League.

Do You Have to Attend Orientation to Start Volunteering?

You do not have to attend a new member orientation meeting before you start volunteering with the League of Women Voters. 

Check our events calendar to see what new member meetings are coming up and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest League news.

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If you’re ready to start working, don’t wait! Check out our volunteer page to see how you can get involved with the League of Women Voters immediately.

What Does the New Member Orientation Cover?

The League of Women Voters new member orientation is an hour-long event meant to help you better understand what we do. While the agenda may shift a little with each meeting, our membership committee follows a simple outline:

  • The history and goals of the League of Women Voters
  • How the League of Women Voters functions, including how advocacy issues are selected and how our local league functions within the state and national chapters
  • Recent achievements by the League of Women Voters St. Petersburg Area
  • This year’s committees and action groups
  • How you can get involved with the League of Women Voter

The new member orientation meeting is meant to guide people through our organization. We welcome questions and concerns throughout the discussion, and our membership committee representatives will stay after to talk with you personally if there is anything that you want to address in private.

Many committee leads also attend the general meeting held after the new member orientation to discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities. You are welcome and encouraged to ask them questions as well.

What Should I Do if I Missed the Most Recent New Member Orientation?

If you missed our most recent new member orientation — don’t panic! We are here to make you feel welcome and confident in your civic involvement.

We have plenty of resources online to learn about the League and what we do. These links are a good place to start:

If you still aren’t sure about how to volunteer with the League — or don’t know where to start — contact our Membership Chair. We would love to get to know you and find ways for you to get involved with the League.  

We look forward to seeing you at the next new member orientation and volunteering around town with the League of Women Voters St. Petersburg Area!