NEW: Plant Power

Plant Power: Good Food Choices for You and Your Planet.

The program is co-led by led by Jen Underhill and Julie Kessel.

Food and politics is a BIG DEMOCRACY issue!

Think about this…

  • The healthcare and pharma lobbies want you to think that drugs and devices are the answer to your medical woes
  • The energy lobby wants you to think that they are for renewable sources of energy
  • The Agribusiness lobby wants you to think they are for sustainable farming and humane animal consumption

And they pay a LOT of special interest money to keep you thinking you have limited personal power to take control of your health, carbon footprint, and environment.

The mission of our project is to save ourselves, our planet and our democracy one bite at a time. The project aligns with three of the Leagues positions – promoting individual healthcare affordability, supporting environmental sustainability and eliminating the corrupting influence of money in politics.



This year, our primary goals are to educate people about the impact of their food choices on the corrupting influence of money in politics, personal health and environmental impacts; to find like-minded people and organizations, to empower individuals to take personal action, and perhaps most importantly, to have fun and eat good food.

Examples of our activities may include things such as watching some movies, having some discussions, creating some info sheets and forums, helping people figure out their food carbon footprint, and going on some food and urban gardening outings.