To our members: Program Planning Meeting 2016-2017


Dear Members,

As reported in our November Voter, now is the time that we begin to think about the initiatives to which we want to commit in the 2016/2017 League year.  We call this our Program. We choose those programs as part of our February Program Planning meeting on Wednesday, February 24, 6:30-8pm, at the Friends Meeting House in the Old Southeast.  We will then present this proposed program for a vote at our Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 9, at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

So far this year, many of you have spoken of your interests in assorted areas, and a number of topics are taking shape for consideration at our local annual meeting. Voter Service will continue to be presented as the hallmark of the importan work we do, with educational elements addressing candidate forums, voter guides, and voter registration. We will entertain a formal program involving continued Closing the Gap in Health Care Expansion, formalization of efforts in Immigration Reform, and activities related to Social Justice.


We are also working on a local program presentation addressing Sustainability. This program would work in partnership with the St. Pete Sustainability Committee to improve the STAR communities rating of our city, specifically in the measures related to equity, and civic engagement. Cities and counties use STAR to measure their progress across social, economic, and environmental performance areas. You can read more about the STAR program at this link:

Other considerations include Gun Safety, Campaign Finance Reform, Voter Rights, Community Gardens, Death Penalty, and Human Trafficking. Your involvement in our Program Planning Meeting in February is essential for our local League to choose the initiatives that are most important to you. The Board is here to help you develop your interest for presentation at the meeting. Please reach out (email the office), and let us know where your interests lie, and come to the meeting to choose our agenda for our next League year.

Program Planning Topic Tips:
* How does the topic align with a League position? (See our state and local study in action and yearbook guides, on the website.)
* What you want to accomplish? (the goal(s) of the project)
* Who will lead the initiative, as well as interface with the Board of Directors?
* What is the general plan, including some comments on the structure, timeline, critical activities, and monies needed for the project?
We look forward to seeing you at our many events over the next month and of course, at our Program Planning Event on 2/24. Remember that our League is what you make of it!


Julie-Kessel-MDIn League,
Julie Kessel, President
League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area