Reproductive Rights – July 2018

This summer, the Reproductive Rights Action Team is focused on fake women’s health centers (which refer to themselves “crisis pregnancy centers”).

These fake clinics offer biased “counseling” with the goal of talking – and shaming – women out of accessing abortion care. They attempt to fool women into entering their doors by offering free pregnancy tests and posing as real health care providers, often locating near real clinics and using names with words like “Choices” or “Women’s Health.”

With more than 10 such set-ups in Pinellas County, fake clinics are operating as the frontline of the anti-choice movement.

Our Action Team is working to raise awareness about fake clinics. Through our participation in the statewide coalition, Floridians for Reproductive Freedom and its Fake Clinics Work Group, we are conducting research on the tactics used by fake clinics in Pinellas County in a systematic way and advocating online so that Florida girls and women will beware of them.

We participated in a visibility event held in front of a Tampa fake clinic and are planning one in St. Petersburg later in the summer. We also are urging supporters to sign a petition by partner organization Progress Florida to the Florida Secretary of Health to more vigorously regulate fake clinics.

For more information on fake clinics, view these videos:

For more information about joining this action team, contact Team Lead Stacey Kroto.