Sustainability: Environment

Updated May 2, 2017

The St Pete area is so special because we live on a peninsula. We are closely connected to the water. Many of us love to go kayaking or boating. Some of us cross the bridges to get to work in Tampa. Together, we’re proud of the work that Tampa Bay Estuary Program and Tampa Bay Watch have done to clean up our bay and make it one of the healthiest bays in the country.

We play in the parks under gorgeous blue skies. We drink water that is not too bad. In short, we are really lucky to have a gorgeous environment.

And now, that’s all under attack. President Trump’s and EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt’s are out to gut the regulations that make our water gorgeous, that protect our bays, that keep our air pristine. Just recently President Trump signed an Executive Order to open up coastlines to drilling for oil.

Is that what you want? To go fishing next to an oil rig? To go to the beach with smoggy gray air? To lose the sea beds in the bay to pollution?

We hope you are shouting “No!”

Just like the rest of President Trump’s agenda, it’s up to us to take action to fight it.

Make sure your representatives in Congress know that you will not stand for the deregulation of our air, our water, and our bays. Make sure they know you support Clean Energy, not more reliance on old-fashioned energy sources.

Today! Contact your Congressional delegation:

US House of Representatives from this area

Kathy Castor  visit website and complete template Phone: (202)225-3376  or  (813)871-2817

Charlie Christ  visit website and complete template Phone: (202) 225-5961 or (888) 205-5569

US Senators for Florida

Bill Nelson  visit website and complete template Phone: (202) 224-5274 or  813-225-7040

Marco Rubio   visit website and complete template Phone:  (866) 630-7106 or (202) 224-3041


Let them know how strongly you support our environment and the laws that protect it. The EPA means the Environmental Protection Agency. Push back to make President Trump and Pruitt do just that!

And P.S. tell them our national parks and monuments are not up for review or discussion!

About the Sustainability Action Group

Co-Chairs: Claire Karas, Lisa Vanover, and Susan Tuite

The Sustainability Action Group supports the St. Petersburg area in its ongoing efforts to plan strategically for the environmental needs of the future and educate the public to those needs.  The League has long supported issues related to the environment; this group offers evolving outlets for those who wish to plan for and protect our community resources.

Request to join our LWVSPA Google Group listserv here. Contact Action Team Co-Chairs Susan Tuite, Lisa Vanover, or Claire Karas to receive instructions on how to join our local team or the monthly conference call.