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The Voter Service Action Group/Committee is known for its time-honored nonpartisan ForumsVoter Guides and Voter Registration Drives.  

Volunteer for Voter Services voter registration.

The League’s Voter Service goal is to help voters make informed ballot decisions. This committee provides non-partisan, unbiased, factual information on candidates and election issues – and – promotes citizen participation in elections.

Voter Service Forum-2013

Voter Service in action conducting St. Petersburg Mayoral Forum.

Voter Service volunteers impact our community by:

  • Registering citizens to vote.
  • Identifying other community organizations & individuals interested in promoting an informed and active electorate.
  • Promoting voter turnout on election day, with special focus on groups with historically low turnout.
  • Partnering with community organizations to Get Out The Vote (GOTV).
  • Educating the community on basic registration and voting information.
  • Providing key election dates and deadlines.
  • Informing the public about changes in election law.
  • Surveying local and state candidates for their responses to issue-based questions for publication. The League Women Voters Pinellas County Voter Guide (The Guide) is an online community resource for election and voting information. Check out The Guide in July for 2018 candidate, ballot and election information.  
  • Researching all sides of local ballot issues and creating “yes vote” and “no vote” analysis statements for publication in The Guide.
  • Conducting candidate forums, observing state and national League guidelines to assure fairness and impartiality.

For more general information or to schedule our Voter Education and/or Registration Services email our office.

Democracy is not a spectator sport! Voting is just the start. Encourage your family, friends & others to Vote and get involved in the election process! 

To join the LWVSPA’s Voter Service efforts, contact Action Group lead: Raechel Garafalo

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