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Second Chances:
Voting Rights Restoration Petition Initiative

In April 2017, the Florida Supreme Court approved language for an amendment to automatically restore voting rights to felony offenders upon completion of all terms of their sentence – except those convicted of murder or felony sexual offenses.  The League fully supports this amendment.  As part of a coalition that included ACLU, FRRC and others, the league will help collect the 800,000 petitions needed by January 2018, to place the amendment on the November 2018, ballot.  For more information download the ACLU and LWV Voting Rights Restoration Presentation . To learn more about  Voting Rights Restoration in Florida visit the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition and the Brennan Center for Justice.

The League is Making Democracy Work for Voting Rights Restoration


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Florida is one of three states that permanently bars ex-felons from voting unless they receive clemency.


The backlog in Florida for clemency applicants is over 20 years.

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1.3 million Florida former felons have completed their terms of conviction and are eligible for automatic voting rights restoration.

Attend our next Voting Right Restoration Action Group Meeting

Wednesday, June 28, 6:30-8:00 PM
St. Petersburg College Downtown Campus, 244 2nd Avenue North, Room DC 202, St. Petersburg, FL  33701 
Please RSVP for the meeting here or email Stephanie Owens, Chair.

Join the Power of One Voting Rights Restoration Petition’s 40-day Challenge: 12,000 Petitions by August 1

  1. Commit to joining the challenge!
  2. Download, print, and sign your petition= 1
  3. Email the petition to 10 of your friends = 10
  4. Ask each friend to email 10 of their friends = 10 * 10 = 100
  5. Congratulations!!!!!!! You were the catalyst for 111 petitions

*Petition Requirements

  • Only registered voters can complete a petition
  • Names must match voter registration information
  • Petitions must be signed in black or blue ink
  • Track your participation. Return signed petitions:  Stephanie Owens LWVSPA P.O. Box 11775 St. Pete, FL  33733-1775

For more information contact: Stephanie Owens 2nd VP and Chair, Voting Rights Restoration Action Group.