Defend Our Democracy Ordinance: Take Action

LWVSPA’s Social Justice Committee needs your help to Defend Our Democracy, right here in St Petersburg, because St Pete is NOT for sale. Tell City Council to vote YES on the Defend Our Democracy Ordinance on October 5.

If City Council passes the ordinance before it, Super PACs will be banned, and corporations will be limited to $5,000 donations, instead of the unlimited $$ they can give now in our St Pete City Council and Mayoral elections.

Take Action

TURN OUT: Public Hearings for Defend our Democracy ordinance

Please join us on Thursday, October 5 for St Pete City Council’s final hearing on this issue, as we rally and then witness Council’s discussion/debate and their vote to get big money out of local political campaigns. 

This is the ordinance that will get big money out of St Pete politics.  It is a first step on a long road to get big money out of politics in the country.  This is a first and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.  The public is invited and encouraged to speak (3 minute limit).  The coalition supporting this ordinance is 25+ groups strong – both local and national. JOIN US. 

  • Thursday, October 5: Morning Rally @ 8:00 AM, followed by Council meeting @ 8:30 AM

Cosponsors: League of Women Voters St Pete Area, American Promise~Tampa Bay, Awake Pinellas, Fired Up Pinellas, and Free Speech for People.

The Defend our Democracy ordinance bans super PAC money and limits donations from foreign owned interests in St Pete elections. The ordinance is potentially a test case for the country to take a bite out of Citizens United.

This ordinance was crafted with some of the foremost election and constitutional lawyers in the country.

Send your email note NOW to all City Council members and the Mayor:;

To find out who your specific City Council rep is, visit this map. “

Individual City Council email addresses:

Use this simple e-mail template:

Indicate your name, address, and a clear request:

My name is Jane Doe, and my home address is 333 3rd St, St Pete 33704. Please vote YES to support the ordinance to ban Super PACs and to keep campaign contributions from corporations with foreign investors to a limit of $5,000. Thank you.

Or, personalize the email. An example:

Use a salutation and introduction, indicating your name and address, followed by a clear request and some personal reasons.

Address the email with a proper salutation, such as:

Dear Chair Rice, City Council and Mayor Kriseman, Thank you for your service and for considering my opinion.

Identify who you are and your home address.

My name is Jane Doe and my home address is _____ [include zip].

Make a clear simple request.

Please vote YES to support the ordinance to ban Super PACs and to keep campaign contributions from corporations with foreign investors to a limit of $5,000.

Describe your personal reasons.

The reason I want you to vote YES is because I think we cannot afford to NOT do this. The cost to not do nothing and allow our elections to be bought and sold will far outweigh a potential $2M legal cost to defend it. I do not believe corporations are people. I believe that Super PAC campaign contributions do influence elections in an unfair way. I do not want St Pete elected officials to be influenced by special interests by accepting contributions to their campaign.

State appreciation.

Thank you.

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Get More Info

For more information about the ordinance, and talking points, please click here.

Download LWVSPA President Julie Kessel’s May 12, 2017 presentation on this proposed ordinance in pdf format.


How corporations infiltrated the Supreme Court.  Check out this mini-documentary, produced by American Promise and Charlie Stuart, to show how corporations have infiltrated the Supreme Court through a decades long scheme outline by former Justice Powell prior to his appointment.