Voter Registration in Pinellas County

The LWVSPA’s Voter Registration team shows up at events all over the county in an effort to make sure every person who is eligible to vote has the opportunity to register to vote.

Note: We’ve suspended in-person voter registration events due to the pandemic. However, you can still register to vote online at

Here’s what you need to know about voter registration in Pinellas County:

Are You Eligible to Register to Vote?

You are eligible to register to vote if you are

  • a U.S. citizen,
  • age 18 or older, and
  • a legal resident of the county in which you are registering.

How to Register to Vote in Pinellas County

You can register to vote:

For more information, call the Election Service Center at 727-464-VOTE (8683).  

You can also register at driver license offices, social service offices, public libraries, offices that serve persons with disabilities, armed forces recruitment offices, centers for independent living and many city halls and chambers of commerce. (Please note that availability of these offices may depend on our current status regarding the pandemic.)

Be aware that Florida is a closed-primary state, which means only people who have registered as members of a political party can vote in that party’s primary.  Voters who register as no party affiliation (NPA) will not be able to take part in party primaries.

How to Register Voters with the LWVSPA

The League supports the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections by offering voter registration at organizational meetings, community events, residential living communities and other venues. 

To register voters with us, you must:

  • be a member in good standing;
  • undergo training to become certified as a voter registrar;
  • participate in League-sanctioned voter registration events with at least one other person.

For more information about how to become a voter registrar — or to find out more about having voter registration at your events — contact Maryellen Gordon.