4 Questions to Consider When Discussing Immigration

Some important QUESTIONS to keep in mind when discussing the current state of immigration in the United States: Does the credible fear screening interview meet the right of due process as defined in the US Constitution? Is the U.S. meeting

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Immigration Committee Updates

Human Trafficking Informational Flyer by Karen Coale, LWVSPA Immigration Co-Chair & LWVF Immigration Co-Chair Our Immigration Committee Human Trafficking event was indeed a success! Eighty-four (84) people attended the “Human Trafficking in Your Neighborhood” educational event at the USFSP University Student Center

Human Trafficking Panel Flyer & Videos

The Immigration Committee presented an expert panel on “Human Trafficking in Your Neighborhood” on Tuesday evening, January 26, at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.  In their presentations, the panel explained types of human trafficking, differences between sex workers and

Panel presents “Human Trafficking in Your Neighborhood at USFSP

View Panel Flyer and Video Clips An expert panel presented “Human Trafficking in Your Neighborhood” on Tuesday evening, January 26, at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus (USFSP).   The event was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area, 

How candidates stand on immigration

by Karen Coale, Immigration Committee Chair Immigration has become a major topic in the 2016 presidential race. The subject is complex, and misinformation on this topic is at times inflammatory. It is very important for voters to understand the major issues

LWVF Annual Meeting Immigration Committee Report

Framework for Education and Advocacy A summary of the LWV Position on Immigration: • Reunification of immediate families • Provision for economic, business and employment needs of ​the United States • Responsiveness to those facing political or humanitarian ​crises •

Immigration Working Group

The LWVSPA Immigration Working Group stays informed on national and state issues, defining and promoting advocacy and educational goals each year. Through these efforts our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people who do not have the opportunity to

Refugees Across the Globe and Close to Home

Sponsored by the Immigration Working Group, the 2015 educational forum, Refugees—Across the Globe and Close to Home in Tampa Bay, held at the Poynter Institute, was a resounding success with 95 people attending. Our four experienced and knowledgeable panelists covered the topic from