Gun Safety

Preventing gun violence is not a 2nd Amendment issue; it’s a nonpartisan public safety issue.

SIGN the two gun safety petitions to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines below. **Get it on the ballot!  Let the voters decide.**

**Sign the petition to the CRC to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.**


**Sign the petition to the Governor and FL Legislature to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.**

Watch video below of our powerful and productive recent event, Preventing Gun Violence: a Community Conversation, at Allendale United Methodist Church.

Our local Gun Safety Action Team grew out of advocacy opposing campus and open carry legislation in the 2015-2016 FL legislative sessions.  To date, that legislation has been defeated but new gun-related bills continue to be introduced in each legislative session.

After the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shootings, the League of Women Voters – Florida, with over 120 statewide partners, formed the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.  The Coalition’s mission is to reduce and prevent gun crimes, injuries, and deaths via:

  1. legislation ensuring comprehensive universal background checks
  2. a bLetter to FL leadership re: gun safetyan on all semi-automatic assault weapons and large-capacity feeding devices
  3. opposition to irresponsible gun legislation, including campus carry and open carry
  4. promotion of responsible firearm legislation to protect victims of domestic violence and ensure safe firearm storage

In early 2017, our local team launched a gun safety education and advocacy campaign. See our Gun Safety Action Guide to learn more about the impact of gun violence and how to take action to promote effective gun legislation.  Click here to learn about recent & upcoming events.

The Gun Safety Action Team aims to educate and increase awareness among citizens, monitor the introduction of gun-related bills, build a coalition of individual and organizational gun safety advocates, and conduct advocacy work when new bills are introduced.

To join our efforts, contact group lead Sharon Winters.

Download our Gun Safety Advocacy slideshow by Patti Brigham and Julie Kessel.