Key Leaders

Board of Directors

President Linsey Grove
1st Vice President Robin Davidov
2nd Vice President Maryellen Gordon
Treasurer Caroline Bloodworth
Secretary K.W. (Ken) Wrede
Director Ama Appiah
Director Caitlin Constantine
Director Amanda Dodge
Director Raechel Garafalo
Director Stephanie Owens


Operations Director Julia Sharp

Education Teams Leads

Voter Guide and Candidate Forums Raechel Garafalo
Voter Registration Maryellen Gordon
Voter Education and Outreach Robin Davidov
Social Justice Lecture Series Karen Lieberman
International Relations Judy McSwine


Advocacy Action Team Leads

Campaign Finance Reform Karen Lieberman
Education Nikki Fleming
Gun Safety Sharon Winters
Immigration Karen Coale
Reproductive Rights Stacey Kroto
Sustainability Laura Crabtree
Voter Protection Stephanie Owens
Caitlin Constantine                   
Amy Keith
Census Gina Gallo
National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) Deb Mazzafero
Marty Shapiro
Plant Power Julie Kessel
Jen Underhill

Standing Committees

Bylaws Linda Friedman Ramirez
Media & Publicity Amy Weintraub
Stacey Jurewicz
Nominating Amy Weintraub