Thanks to Our Volunteers and Supporters!

Thanks to everyone who turned out April 28 for our annual League meeting and luncheon! The event was a smashing success, and we couldn’t have done it without our volunteers and supporters. 

We’d like to recognize some of our outstanding volunteers who make the work we do as the League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area possible:

Marty Moorfield – Voter Guide

“Marty was a central figure in helping us make the new online Voter Guide as successful as it was. She coordinated all of our efforts with Vote411, learning the technical ins and outs of how to make that service work with our newly redesigned site. She was inquisitive and thoughtful, and was never afraid to step out of her comfort zone to take on the work that needed to be done to make the project happen. It was a very challenging project, and it would have never come together without her tireless efforts and willingness to learn how to do new things.” – Caitlin C. & Raechel G.

Amy Keith & Caitlin Constantine – Election Protection

“They ran the training and election day logistics like champs. They are awesome in everything they do, from volunteering to take the lead in organizing volunteer participation to stepping up to plan to speaking at over 20 voter education events. She made herself available for whatever was needed in 2018.” – Carol M.

Jack McCullough – Immigration

“Jack’s knowledge of Constitutional law has been most helpful in the Action Team’s development of Immigrant Info cards and our latest FACT Sheets. He has also coordinated and ensured the same look and feel as we add the sheets to His technical knowledge and experience are invaluable to our work as is his dry sense of humor. He also filled in on a few days notice and represented at the League at the Keep Families Together rally in Gulfport last summer.” – Karen C.

Linsey Grove & Julia Sharp – Reproductive Rights

“Both Linsey and Julia, as co-chairs, started EPYC (Empowering Pinellas Youth Collaborative). Through grants and public outreach they are engaging Pinellas youth, parents, organizations, and community members in order to convince the Pinellas school board to implement comprehensive sex ed policy in Pinellas schools. EPYC obtained a grant through the Foundation for a Healthy St. Pete, is producing a video mini series to further educate the public on this issue, and both Julia and Linsey have been giving presentations to local groups/orgs in order the build more support. The school board has already agreed to workshop comprehensive sex ed which is a big step forward.”

Amy Weintraub – Promotions & Reproductive Rights

“Just for being the badass reproductive rights advocate we all know she is. Amy is always chock full of helpful information and data; and has been extremely motivating in RR advocacy to anyone who meets her. I am greatly appreciative of her mentorship of me as new chair of RR as well.” – Stacy K.

“Amy W. is the cornerstone of LWVSPA.” Carol M. & Lisa V.

Carol Marks, Jen Underhill, Maryellen Gordon & Lisa Vanover – Sustainability

“Without Carol, I would never have keep it all together. Her steadiness, process-orientation, intellect, incredible wit, and friendship have been invaluable.” – Lisa V

“Jen asks great questions and is incredibly organized, and she was a terrific Co-Chair before launching Plant Power.” – Lisa V

“Maryellen worked hard for SAT in the 6 months prior to going to voter services. I know she did a lot for VS, too.” – Carol M

“Lisa does more than any six people I know.” – Carol M.

Erin Rashbaum – Social Media

“Erin is responsible for managing the League’s Facebook page which she tackles with fierce dedication. This is a DAILY responsibility that requires creativity, attention to detail, awareness of current affairs, and knowledge of League mission and programs. Erin’s commitment can’t be beat and we are grateful for her.”- Amy W.

Kathi Garrity – Membership

“The everyday operations and activities of the League are robust. When a snafu occurred in the Membership records, Voter Service member Kathi Garrity stepped right up to strategize the best course of action and get to work sorting it all out. Kathi’s attention to detail and quest for accurate data is valuable to the League. Her volunteer hours and data management expertise ensured that our Per Member Payments to LWVFL and LWVUS were reflective of our actual membership.” – Julia S.

Maryellen Gordon, Joan Thurmond & Lauren Constantino – Engage St. Pete

“Maryellen and Joan were absolutely key to outreach on the Civic Health Survey: because of their initiative, time and support, A LOT more people from a lot more neighborhoods Took The Poll! And all our efforts to gather paper surveys from folks who don’t have internet access would have been for naught without Lauren Constantino, who accurately and diligently entered the data from over 100 paper survey forms!” – Amy K.

We’d also like to give a shout-out to our supporters and sponsors who helped make our annual meeting possible. Make sure to show your support for these local businesses and organizations – they help us make democracy work!

  • Suncoast Compost – offers composting services and consultation to individuals, businesses and events throughout the Tampa Bay area.
  • Warehouse Arts District – a cultural arts destination in downtown St. Petersburg dedicated to flourishing our community through artistic endeavors, support, and highly curated art.
  • Morean Center for Clay – a historic resource center for the arts based in St. Petersburg. Thank you so much for providing us with a beautiful venue space for this year’s meeting!
  • American Constitution Society (Tampa Chapter) – the nation’s largest progressive legal network
  • Bandes Construction Company Inc. – a commercial construction firm with over 30 years of experience building in Florida and a commitment to meeting the latest standards of environmentally conscious construction.
  • Carriage House Consulting – a consulting firm that offers organizations tools and resources like grant writing, special event logistics, strategic planning, research and evaluation, and more.