Violent Crime & Firearm Use in St. Petersburg and Pinellas Co. FL

St. Petersburg summary: Over a three year period, 2015-17 data on violent crime reveals: 55% of criminal homicides involved a firearm 2% of sex offenses involved a firearm 36% of robberies involved a firearm 29% of aggravated assaults involved a firearm

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Suicides & Firearms in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co. & State of FL

Facts You Should Know: Nationwide, suicides account for over 60% of firearm-related deaths.  Suicide is often an impulsive act and guns are a devastatingly effective means of ending one’s life. Firearms are used in approximately half of all suicides. Between

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The Sustainability Committee Visits St. Pete’s First Zero-Waste Store

Who needs single-use plastics when we’ve got Sans Market? Owner Eniko Olah believes that we can all live healthier happier lives without plastic, packaging and toxins. We got a tour of the store and pep talk from Eniko. We found

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St. Petersburg says NO to money in politics

Released on October 6, 2017 The City of St. Petersburg City Council makes history ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – The City of St. Petersburg City Council made history today becoming the first municipality post-Citizens United to abolish Super PACs and limit foreign corporate

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Campaign Finance Reform: Victory

Watch our video documentary below to see how we did it! The League’s Campaign Finance Reform Action Group works to educate elected officials and the general public on the influence big campaign donors and allies have on public policy, because St

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Recycling in St. Petersburg

  The League Recycling Committee has been a vital force in helping the City of St. Petersburg go green. This working group is led by Karen Coale and Kathy Mossing. What started in 2012 when the League commissioned the Kessler

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